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Q:  How much does it cost to paint pottery?

A:  This will vary on what pottery you choose to paint and what style you choose – such as a Party, DIY Home Kit, Baby Foot or Handprints or a Bespoke Commission. All of the prices can be found on our Price List.

Q:  How long before my items are returned to me?

A:  After your event we need to touch up, glaze, and fire each item of painted pottery.  We will complete this within 3 weeks. As soon as your items are ready, we will let you know!

Q:  How messy does a pottery party get?

A:  All of the paints we use are non-toxic and washable, but we also bring with us lots of table covers and wipes too.

Q:  How long does a pottery party last?

A:  We allow 1 hour 30 minutes for pottery parties, including set up and pack down. However, longer parties can be arranged at an extra cost.

Q:  How much do pottery parties cost?

A:  Parties are 100GBP plus the cost of pottery, this will vary depending on which types of pottery you choose to paint (e.g. plates, mugs, letters, jugs, etc). There is a minimum spend of 60GBP on pottery.

Q:  What’s included in the price?

A:  Our prices include all the materials / paints you will need, as well as our time to run the event.  After your event, all painted pottery will be glazed and fired in our kiln ready to be returned to you.  

Q:  What is the minimum amount of people for a party?

A:  There is no minimum number of people; usually parties are around 8-10 adults or children. We do require a minimum spend of 60GBP on pottery per party.

Q:  What age is suitable for Baby Handprints and Footprints?

A:  The paint is non-toxic and easily wipes off the skin, so it is suitable for babies of any age. Footprints can be done from newborn. We do recommend that handprints are done from 8 months onwards; this is so we are able to get a good print, without babies curling/fisting their hand as soon as we put the paint on.

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